Frequently Asked Questions

None, It's completely free for all transportation images, However if you like the service please consider donating so we can keep it alive.

Sorry about those, We do need help to keep the service alive, I've personally made sure that they are as unintrusive as possible, If you donate you do get a free pass from me to use adblock. (or you can help support the site some more by leaving them on)

Yes. Hotlinking/direct linking is allowed, As long as it's within reason.

You're welcome to submit them to us via the Contact panel but not all suggestions can be implemented unless we hire a developer, Which costs money.

While there is no set limit, We will stop users that are abusing the service, This is because we need to keep it fair for everyone.

Not automatically, Unless stated in the description that the photo is under a CC Licence, If it's not, You should contact the user.

The maximum file sizes are as follows:

  • 50MB for main uploads.
  • 10MB for your profile banner. (please note that larger images are not resized, So a large image will make your profile load slowly)
  • 2MB for your profile picture.

The site exists thanks to Flickr's new rules on image uploads, 1000 images is not enough!

I feel that everyone should be able to share their images for free in a centralised location, This place was created to fulfil that.

Click the three dots in the top right corner and press donate.

Optionally you can click here.

For something specific, You need to put it in quote marks, Similar to google.

Example: Searching for "class 390" will show only pictures of Class 390s, but searching for class 390 will show pictures with any class of train.

(additionally please note that images that haven't been titled properly or given descriptions will not show up in the search)